“Beats” For Sale

I make instrumentals beats that hit harder, have more flavor, and just sound better because I’m a REAL MUSICIAN and I use REAL INSTRUMENTS.

Hip Hop 





I am an extremely tasteful, talented, and experienced producer who plays live keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and several other instruments in my tracks. In my almost 30 year creating music I’ve learned exactly what it takes to make hit songs (musically). I’ve toured nationally and internationally with groups playing almost every style of music out there and I’ve spent my entire life listening and figuring out how to recreate every sound and instrument part in literally 1000’s of songs.

Click on the links above to choose from the genre’s currently listed on my website. The beats on this website are a small sample of what I can do with your music. If you don’t find something you like here, I can make a new beat for you completely from SCRATCH.

*I’m now able to offer additional mixing/mastering services for a small fee.